It's all about the people… germans looking over the tellerrand


It*s x-mass time…

It's Knudepunkt time of the year and this means everything is possible and some of this actually happens.

I arrived at here yesterday as the first of ze germanz at Copenhagen airport, already made arrangements with the some of the Danes & Finns. Even better: I found Pervilä claiming his luggage on the luggage band next to mine. What better start in a Knudepunkt?

In the evening we met all the other beautiful people from around the world, including Danes, Swedes, Finns, Norwegians, Russians, Slowakians, French US Americans, Latvians, Israeliens, more Germans and we have Nathan...

As usual on the book release party, that was held on the frist evening, everyone showed up but the book. So we did what we always do in such a case: We got drunk... internationally drunk.

On the next morning Heidi, Massie, David, Mads and me visited Copenhagen city including 'den lille havfrue', the Royal Palace, got some Ben & Jerrys ice, found out about the Mexican embassy and almost froze to death in the Danis ice winter. No polar bears, though.

After that we joined the others at the community house, where I made some pinhole cameras with Anna. Finaly we had an awesome x-mass dinner made bz the fantastic chef Anna and her crüe...

What to do now? Get drunk together, of course.

tbc Larson (with a little help from my David)

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