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Backpacking, packing bags or the art of carrying around stuff in Finnland

Means of transporting various commodities around the world have always played a major role in human history. In this short essay I want to take a closer look on the guidelines for the curious and prepared-for-all traveller in Finnland.

It usually starts with the choice of the container. If you want to be regarded as a person, that always has the aura of a experienced and knows-his-way traveller, stay away from any case, that is dragged around with tiny wheels or consists of hard plastic scales. Alway use a backpack as big as possible. This has the advantages that you look pretty impressive, well muscled and not like the kind of person that is lured quickly around a corner to be persuaded nicely to hand over your earthly possesions. Furthermore, watertightness is to be prefered.Puddles on the sides of the streets of Helsinki reach sometimes the size and depth of the close baltic see and can be rafted with the properly equipped backpack. Ice breaking qualities are a bonus.

Now the packing itself. Packing you backpack can be regarded as another chapter in the sciences of higher mathematics. Profound knowledge of three dimensional geometrie, bubble sort technics and relativistic effects of the usual black hole at the bottom of the bag (there is ALWAYS something missing which you are sure you have packed...) are essential. Travelling to Finnland makes it neccessary to carry lots alcohol with you. If its just to impress the locals (glass beads are not common any more), fuel your own adventurus spirit or just sell the stuff to become incredibly rich is up to you. Mathematics are in this case also very usefull. Always keep in mind to get the overall percentage of Alcohol compared to your backpack weight as high as possible. If you achieve a rate of more than 65%, your backpack can be traded at the local precious metal stock market. More mundane contents like clothing do also have other requirements. Since temperatures can vary wildly from arctic (streets, woods etc.) to subtropical (inside buildings) to tropical (sauna) a large variety of socks is to be recommended. The golfing system can provide usefull guidelines. Use driver-socks for driving, the wood-sock collection is for the county hiker and the wide range of iron socks is to be used in the impressive metal scene in this beautiful northern country.

The next episode will deal with the voyage itself.

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