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Plans for Thursday…

Here we go...

we - Pervilä, Klaus and me - have some plans for tomorrow. if you want, you can join us at every point of the tour.

Der Bunker Tour

at 1200hrs (better be there by 1145hrs) at trainstation "Gesundbrunnen" we gonna take the "U-Bahn, Bunker, Kalter Krieg" "Bunker Tour" form "Berliner Unterwelten"

the tour is in german but Pervilä as the only non-german speaker here decided that the topic of the english tour is boring...

fabian will join us, so we have at least three germans that can translate a bit every now an then.

costs: 9 Euros

time: 12oohrs (be there at 1145hrs)

where: "Gesundbrunnen"

finnish sauna on "Badeschiff"

at least they announce it as "finnish sauna" - let's check this out...

costs: 12 Euros for 3 hrs

time: 1530hrs

where: "Badeschiff"

welcome party - foooood...

let's come together at "Cafe 100 Wasser" - I gonna book a table. following people are already told me they will come larson , pervilä , britta , steve, mads, david , regitze , malik , a baby, thomas, mareike, laura, fabio, klaus and fabian...

feel free to join us. give me a call at +49(177)4885081

costs: depends on you

time: 1900hrs

where: "Cafe 100 Wasser"

get drunk!?

after "Cafe 100 Wasser" we gonna find some bar in the area - it's stuffed with bars, clubs and stuff..

options: "Bar Lebowski" or "Halfords"

at this point their might join: pernille, helle, iris, troels and claus...

what about you?

costs: depends on you but booze is cheap there...

time: after food

where: call me


P.S.: google-map updated...

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