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“Molle and Korn” or a trip to the wild east…

today Pervilä, Nicola and me been on our mission to start the weekIn here in Berlin. we wanted to go to an restaurant called "Cafe Miro" by an recomendation of Perviläs helsinki based bookkeeper.

we gladly found the restaurant after a wild trip into the former eastern part of berlin and... it was closed. it opened at 15:00 instead of - as announced on their homepage at 10:00. what to do?

we found a really nice coofee-bar, made some sightseeing at the "Berlin Planetarium" (which was actually closed but hey nobody told us before we already been in there...) we found an original eastern-berlin beer bar and took some "Molle and Korn"..

hours later back to "Cafe Miro" an anatolien restaurant with some tukish, persian and greek inspriations to their food. it was awesome. great food, not expensive, nice service but we ordered a little to much... ;-)

combined with some cocktails (jep they do cocktails as well) we're totally satisfied now...

thanx "Cafe Miro"

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