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welcome party

come together...

who ever wants please come on thursday evening to a small welcome party. we start with food at "Cafe 100 Wasser" and will figure out what to do later the evening. Berlin-Friedrichshain has lots of Bars, Cafes, Clubs and night-life.

please tell me if you join. I will book tables.

"Cafe 100 Wasser"

a cafe/ restaurant/ bar a bit alternative and in the former eastern part of berlin but pretty much central. food is good, cheap and much. I've been there with a bunch of drunken guys at Philpps stag night and the staff still was freindly and nice...

what comes next...

lot's of bars, cafes and clubs -we will decide then. having a party in Berlin-Fridrichshain is pretty cheap according to german scales (what means that it is like ridiculous cheap in finnish scales ;-) - we will find a place to get propperly shitfaced!

what is it about...

please read post below...

yours larson

btw.: google-map is updated!

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