It's all about the people… germans looking over the tellerrand


from nice dining to stagediving

jepp, jepp - we've been to timo rautiainen tonight - some finish patethic-patriotic-hardrock. we actualy had great fun. before the concert we've been to

bamboo-center and ate some curry. they have 3 official and 3 unofficial degrees of hotness. I took nr. 3 (from the official) and have to admit: it's enough, I won't try one of the unofficial ;-)

the venue the concert has been located was also a stylish restaurant and a bar. intersting to see that yuppies and rocker are able to have fun at the same place...

the must fun for the germans was to order weird finish drinks in baaaaad finish. after the first two guys the waitress already took the right bottles when somone started stuttering some unidentifiable finish words...

tomorrow we will get help from boris and lutz - have a good flight guys and I recomend the orangejuice from lufthansa.

good night - larson

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