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mittelpunkt 2010

mittel.punkt 2010

...will be held in Jugendgästehaus Wannsee in Berlin more infos on the mittelpunkt-homepage.

I'm not part of the organising-team but as I know some of the foreign guys I thought it would be nice to spread some infos about Berlin, the weekIn and such...


It's damn cold in germany - yepp, it's winter. But it's winter like winter used to be here in Germany some 30 years ago. It's all snow and low temperatures - don't forget your scarf, gloves and boots.

public transport in Berlin

  • you can buy single tickets from 2,10 - 2,80 (depending on how far it is)
  • a 4-rides ticket is 8,00
  • a day-ticket (attention it's NOT a 24h-ticket) is from 6,10 to 6,50
  • there's also the berlin-welcome-card: free rides and 50% off in 150 places like museums for 16,90 (48h), 22,90 (72h) and 29,90 (for 5 days)

as far as I know, all tickets are available at the usual ticket-machines.

the berlin-welcome-card is available at all machines but without the bonus-cheques and street-map. the whole pack is available at all tourist-informations and all train-stations.

the day-ticket starts when you use it for the first time in a public-transport and last then until 3 a.m. of the next day - so usualy far less then 24hrs.

google knows it all

here's a google-map with locations to know it will be updated during the days... keep track.

that's for now - larson

P.S.: I'm already in Berlin when you arrive, just contact me... ;-)

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