It's all about the people… germans looking over the tellerrand


all my bags are packed…

... i'm ready to go. i'm standing here... uhm. forget it... wrong song *g*

not only, that my bags are packed, my mp3player also is filled up to its limits... thats my assortment of music for our trip to finnland: alec empire, alestorm, amporphis, billy idol, flook, glenngharry boyhs, london after midnight, metallica, millish, new model army, pornophonique, richard cheese, samsas traum, skyclad, tiamat and tool...

i can't find my scarf(s) and my right glove... but if it's needed, i'll do the same, as some years ago in norway... i'll buy new ones ( well, those i search are those i bought in norway *g* )

i'm kinda jealous of ze germanz who already are in helsinki... guys.. have a nice evening, see ya tomorrow!

lutz will pick me up at half past four, what should be early enough to reach our plane... sleep? forget it... let's see, what the evening will bring...


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