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After the ELC

Soooo... the German delegation is back from the ELC in Denmark and is looking forward to next year!

What was it all about? The ELC was a rather small convention ( 43 registred participants ) for European countries. It's purpose is to not tell, what cool meta-things happen all over europe, but to inform on whats larps are going on a basic level. This first time, we had participants from nine countries ( Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finnland, Germany, Belarus, Croatia, Netherlands and UK ) and it was a cosy atmosphere. Therefore there was no dividing in dozens of rooms for the lectures, but just one lecture at a time, in which everybody took part. It was really nice, because you really were kind of forced to talk to almost all of the people, because it were so few.

After all the country presentations we had the opportunity to present larps, we have done recently or will do in the future ( five of those were from germany ;) ).
Additionaly there was a kickoff meeting for the ELIN, the future international meta-group for educative larp.

Of course, there was lots of socializing and partying with nice people.

The ELC is definitely an event to go to in addition to the larger conferences...

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