It's all about the people… germans looking over the tellerrand


icebreaker, a prison with a crappy service and a teenage-mutand-girl-band

heja, we're here now for two days. g√ľnther patrick and I arrived on thursday. thanks to olga and maria it was quite easy to let them find the way to our host - anna.

until now we had a real tight schedul - getting tourist- and concert tickets, getting in touch with the locals at the lady moon, having dinner in a garlic restaurant, drinking coffeeeee at restaurant situated in a former prison (while it seemed the service hasn't changed ;-) , making taxi-experiments ("no I can't tell you the streets name - I could spell it..."), discussing finish-sauna-style with maria ("we don't drink hard alkohol in sauna") and pervilä ("men do!") , looking for the latest finish military equipment - just to name some...

the highlights until now:

playing a teenaged-mutand-girlband in a tabletop roleplaying game - great fun and of course visiting an icebreaker with our old friend hanna...

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