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Oesterskov Efterskole

*whitenoise* ...hi this is Larson speakin' - your coffeebitch. I'm already here at "Østerskov Efterskole". With me there is Marc the epic teacher and we're already preparing for the reenforcements on thursday and friday... we havn't been to "lazy" we just been "busy"  but there is no such word as "busy" in Boris realityconstruction....

Let's talk about business:

We started the week (and our Østerskov Efterskole experience) on monday morning with our first class: "warfare" - in usual (larper) terms you probably call it "boffer-weapon-fighting" and for the curriculum it's "sport" - just to get you ready for how it works at this school...

Parallel to this there has been a drama workshop based on a Barbara Cartland writing. Including some happy crossdressing due to the lack of enough girls for the female characters. Fun part was about the secrets all the charakters had:  As soon as one talked about their secret to someone else, the second person had to repeat this 'secret' by shouting it into the room.

As this weeks topic is "birth of a nation - united states of america" we had some "Hobro Tea Party" on tuesday afternoon. Ironicly the most tea loving students had the best reasons to start it...

On Wednesday each student was representing a american state and after having a long day of debating about slavery it led into what everyone expected: civil war!

In the evening Marc and me were sitting in the lobby talking to another guest from france and the principal (Mads Lunau) of Østerskov Efterskole when one of theachers (Morten Tellefsen) came to our table. He told us that he will shut down the mainlights now because of the kids want to play vampire live now. How natural...

The parents who came with their son to visit this possible new school for him looked a bit suspicious - wonder why?

Later this evening one of the studends - already dressed and equipped for the larp - was talking to me about german history while gesticulating with his AK47 in front of my face: Østerskov Efterskole

See you guys here in the next days...

Larson and Marc

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