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European LARP Convention 2009 in Denmark

I must admit, it has been quite silent the last months ( years? ) in this blog... Other projects have been running and we did not really pay attention to this diary.

This evening it is time for me to leave germany on my way to the European Larp Convention being held at the "Østerskov Efterskole" located at Hobro, Denmark. This event is not just another Knutepunkt, but something like the little brother ( or sister ;) ). It is being organized by Claus Raasted and Malik Hyltoft, which both work for the boarding school. The Event should have the single purpose of presenting how LARP is done in the european countries. Nothing more, nothing less. Similar to Knutepunkt it is of course ( and nobody of us would want to miss that ) an event of intensive socializing and meeting a lot of new people and old friends.

Larson and Marc are over there since Saturday. They took a week off from their regular jobs to take a peek at the way how the boarding school arranges the content and the setting of their lessons and which methods they use to teach. Being educator and teacher, it will for sure broaden their mind regarding school systems and activities... To bad, they are too lazy, to write something here in this blog ;)

So far... We will keep you up to date, hopefully...

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