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vampire karaoke

after attending j.thuomas lecture about the similarities und differences between larp und sm roleplay, i went to a lecture about "abo by night", which was a vampire karaoke larp. the prince of turku ( of course a toreador, which in fact was malkavian, what explained the karaoke contest ) wanted to elect a new advisor for himself, so the karaoke contest started.
after the lecture we were just doing some karaoke ourself, having some of the former players with us. one of our listeners entered the stage and sung madonnas "like a prayer" and of course, we, the audience applaused. this really gets scary, when thinking of her, playing the local tremere elder. forcing two of her underlings to do some background dancing, while the audience cheering even more extatic than here... karaoke is scary... saying for me, i am through with karaoke after singing iron maidens "fear of the dark" at the weeks pubcrawl game *g*. btw.. did somebody realise so far, that robbie williams song "feel" is the almost perfect vampire song?

some pictures of the lecture:

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  1. Hey, The Truth About Marika just won an Emmy! =)


  2. hey andie…
    thats great…
    congrats for that and greatings to your team from germany…


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