It's all about the people… germans looking over the tellerrand


Diesmal nicht! live at Suomenlinna

on tuesday we've beent to the suomenlinna sea fortress strawling arround guided by atte our finnish local scout. suomenlinna (castle of finland) was originaly build by the swedes to claim their rights on balticsea against the russians. later the russians used it the other way round until the fortress finaly became finnish.
all in all it was impressive to see a fortress that size with lots of details, like lots of walls, bunkers, cannons (wich some members of Diesmal nicht! used as instruments for their awesome performance "beer as motivation while uphillwalking"), a finnish submarine, a small gunboat in the drydock, a curch-enclosure made from old cannons and anchor-chains and all of this in a landscape reminding one of a golfcourse...
later I convinced boris to join in for sauna-party. sauna was great! having fun with all those nice people was realy relaxing! finlay I updatet my sauna-dgree to second level by running around the nearby shopping hall naked...


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