It's all about the people… germans looking over the tellerrand


Bunker Tourwritten by Larson

we skip the bunker tour due to no response from further participants and have some more spleep ;-)

larson, pervilä, klaus...

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about dicks and ballswritten by Larson

did you know that if looking on the old euro-coins the nordic countrys look like a dick and finnland is the balls?

proof: have look here


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Plans for Thursday…written by Larson

Here we go...

we - Pervilä, Klaus and me - have some plans for tomorrow. if you want, you can join us at every point of the tour.

Der Bunker Tour

at 1200hrs (better be there by 1145hrs) at trainstation "Gesundbrunnen" we gonna take the "U-Bahn, Bunker, Kalter Krieg" "Bunker Tour" form "Berliner Unterwelten"

the tour is in german but Pervilä as the only non-german speaker here decided that the topic of the english tour is boring...

fabian will join us, so we have at least three germans that can translate a bit every now an then.

costs: 9 Euros

time: 12oohrs (be there at 1145hrs)

where: "Gesundbrunnen"

finnish sauna on "Badeschiff"

at least they announce it as "finnish sauna" - let's check this out...

costs: 12 Euros for 3 hrs

time: 1530hrs

where: "Badeschiff"

welcome party - foooood...

let's come together at "Cafe 100 Wasser" - I gonna book a table. following people are already told me they will come larson , pervilä , britta , steve, mads, david , regitze , malik , a baby, thomas, mareike, laura, fabio, klaus and fabian...

feel free to join us. give me a call at +49(177)4885081

costs: depends on you

time: 1900hrs

where: "Cafe 100 Wasser"

get drunk!?

after "Cafe 100 Wasser" we gonna find some bar in the area - it's stuffed with bars, clubs and stuff..

options: "Bar Lebowski" or "Halfords"

at this point their might join: pernille, helle, iris, troels and claus...

what about you?

costs: depends on you but booze is cheap there...

time: after food

where: call me


P.S.: google-map updated...

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“Molle and Korn” or a trip to the wild east…written by Larson

today Pervilä, Nicola and me been on our mission to start the weekIn here in Berlin. we wanted to go to an restaurant called "Cafe Miro" by an recomendation of Perviläs helsinki based bookkeeper.

we gladly found the restaurant after a wild trip into the former eastern part of berlin and... it was closed. it opened at 15:00 instead of - as announced on their homepage at 10:00. what to do?

we found a really nice coofee-bar, made some sightseeing at the "Berlin Planetarium" (which was actually closed but hey nobody told us before we already been in there...) we found an original eastern-berlin beer bar and took some "Molle and Korn"..

hours later back to "Cafe Miro" an anatolien restaurant with some tukish, persian and greek inspriations to their food. it was awesome. great food, not expensive, nice service but we ordered a little to much... ;-)

combined with some cocktails (jep they do cocktails as well) we're totally satisfied now...

thanx "Cafe Miro"

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welcome partywritten by Larson

come together...

who ever wants please come on thursday evening to a small welcome party. we start with food at "Cafe 100 Wasser" and will figure out what to do later the evening. Berlin-Friedrichshain has lots of Bars, Cafes, Clubs and night-life.

please tell me if you join. I will book tables.

"Cafe 100 Wasser"

a cafe/ restaurant/ bar a bit alternative and in the former eastern part of berlin but pretty much central. food is good, cheap and much. I've been there with a bunch of drunken guys at Philpps stag night and the staff still was freindly and nice...

what comes next...

lot's of bars, cafes and clubs -we will decide then. having a party in Berlin-Fridrichshain is pretty cheap according to german scales (what means that it is like ridiculous cheap in finnish scales ;-) - we will find a place to get propperly shitfaced!

what is it about...

please read post below...

yours larson

btw.: google-map is updated!

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mittelpunkt 2010written by Larson

mittel.punkt 2010

...will be held in Jugendgästehaus Wannsee in Berlin more infos on the mittelpunkt-homepage.

I'm not part of the organising-team but as I know some of the foreign guys I thought it would be nice to spread some infos about Berlin, the weekIn and such...


It's damn cold in germany - yepp, it's winter. But it's winter like winter used to be here in Germany some 30 years ago. It's all snow and low temperatures - don't forget your scarf, gloves and boots.

public transport in Berlin

  • you can buy single tickets from 2,10 - 2,80 (depending on how far it is)
  • a 4-rides ticket is 8,00
  • a day-ticket (attention it's NOT a 24h-ticket) is from 6,10 to 6,50
  • there's also the berlin-welcome-card: free rides and 50% off in 150 places like museums for 16,90 (48h), 22,90 (72h) and 29,90 (for 5 days)

as far as I know, all tickets are available at the usual ticket-machines.

the berlin-welcome-card is available at all machines but without the bonus-cheques and street-map. the whole pack is available at all tourist-informations and all train-stations.

the day-ticket starts when you use it for the first time in a public-transport and last then until 3 a.m. of the next day - so usualy far less then 24hrs.

google knows it all

here's a google-map with locations to know it will be updated during the days... keep track.

that's for now - larson

P.S.: I'm already in Berlin when you arrive, just contact me... ;-)