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What’s coming up?written by Boris

Currently two international events, where german Larpers will participate are on the schedule for the beginning of the next year.

MittelPunkt, which is the german Version of Knut/d(e)punkt/Solmukohta will take place in Berlin from 15.01 to 17.01 next year. This time, there will be a new organisation team, which will take care on the events. There are rumors, that some partisans might run a WeekIn, but who knows ;) . Multilangual information on this congress can be found here.

Knutpunkt, the nordic original will be held in Sweden next Year. After some struggling, the date and the location are finally set to the 22th to 25th of April 2010. It will be held in Fiskeboda, which is somewhere in the swedish woods :) I am sure, you might meet some Germans there. Take a look at the website for further info.

We are looking forward to both events as always... Lot's of socializing, discussing, debating und possibly even drinking and partying... if norwegians take part, there might also be some touching involved ;)

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