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vampire karaokewritten by Boris

after attending j.thuomas lecture about the similarities und differences between larp und sm roleplay, i went to a lecture about "abo by night", which was a vampire karaoke larp. the prince of turku ( of course a toreador, which in fact was malkavian, what explained the karaoke contest ) wanted to elect a new advisor for himself, so the karaoke contest started.
after the lecture we were just doing some karaoke ourself, having some of the former players with us. one of our listeners entered the stage and sung madonnas "like a prayer" and of course, we, the audience applaused. this really gets scary, when thinking of her, playing the local tremere elder. forcing two of her underlings to do some background dancing, while the audience cheering even more extatic than here... karaoke is scary... saying for me, i am through with karaoke after singing iron maidens "fear of the dark" at the weeks pubcrawl game *g*. btw.. did somebody realise so far, that robbie williams song "feel" is the almost perfect vampire song?

some pictures of the lecture:

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Diesmal nicht! live at Suomenlinnawritten by Larson

on tuesday we've beent to the suomenlinna sea fortress strawling arround guided by atte our finnish local scout. suomenlinna (castle of finland) was originaly build by the swedes to claim their rights on balticsea against the russians. later the russians used it the other way round until the fortress finaly became finnish.
all in all it was impressive to see a fortress that size with lots of details, like lots of walls, bunkers, cannons (wich some members of Diesmal nicht! used as instruments for their awesome performance "beer as motivation while uphillwalking"), a finnish submarine, a small gunboat in the drydock, a curch-enclosure made from old cannons and anchor-chains and all of this in a landscape reminding one of a golfcourse...
later I convinced boris to join in for sauna-party. sauna was great! having fun with all those nice people was realy relaxing! finlay I updatet my sauna-dgree to second level by running around the nearby shopping hall naked...


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time for lunch pommesgabelwritten by Boris

just taken at javacafe... pommesgabel ;)

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about rock’n'church, books and finnish foodwritten by Larson

I've been a bit lazy for the last two days, so that there's a lot of stuff to write today. on monday we've been to the helsink-city-tour. maria, atte and werneri showed us all that tourist stuff... mainly a lot statues, churches and storys about helsinkis short or not so short history - according to their diffrent point of views about that ;-)

of course we've been to the finnish parliament - which looks to us germans like it has popped right out of the german 1930s to us. also totaly impressive is the temppeliaukio-curch a church build into granite. even so it was discussed quite controverse during it was build - it is one of the calmest, beautifulest and peacefulest churches I ever saw in my life. nowerdays they even have heavy-metal-services in this church - so much for calm and peaceful... ;-)

also impressive but way not that cool was the lutheran cathedral and the main-station wich do look more like a castle (like a lot of buildings here in helsinki).

while strawling through heslsinkis wide spread underground-shopping-malls we've also been to a roleplaying-shop. even if they had a whole lotta nice stuff and an impressive plush-cthulhu-bagpack, the latex-boffer-weapons they had have been so last-millenium - they looked like the bad ones we had in germany in the 1990s. thank god there is at least one thing we do not have to be jealous about...

there also have been realy crappy things here in finland. they a far faster here in faster here in diggin' out the 1980s fashion sins... my OPP-field has been realy stressed during the day. the climax has been a shopwindow, displaying one of those realy bad 1980s dresses, looking like a way to long t-shirt with a elastic-band wich holds the end of the s(k)hirt up so that it looks like a bell - and all this in a late 1970s-pattern...

to finish this finnish-tour we've been to a "real" finnish restaurant eating "real" finnish food - I had mashed potatoes and reindeer (or has it been elk) - I'm not able to devide them propperly, everything I know is:

"moose is some reindeer kind of elk"


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helsinki so far…written by Boris

... has been very nice... we met the people we expected ( well... not all of them, but some handful of them ) an will meet a bunch of them the next day... it has been a very good time until now and will preasumbly have an even better time the next days and at the congress...

i'm actually enyoing a beer at vltava a czech bar, near the helsinki train station, waiting for uncle grumpy to join me, while the others are visiting suomenlinna, the former base station of the swedish army forces in finland.

though i'm in helsinki i'm kinda homebound and this czech bar ist just the right place for me to hang around and let the day pass...

i think, this evening is saunaparty somewhere around here... will see the others there at the bar...

hm.. btw... where's peter?

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