It's all about the people… germans looking over the tellerrand


Irresponsible Hate Anthemwritten by stefan

I hate you.

I really hate you.

I fucking hate you.

Ok, I admit it: I'm just jealous. After seeing those pictures (I hate you!) I know what I'm missing up on. And it's not even my fault.

Did I mention, that

I hate you.

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pictures, pictures, pictures…written by Boris

i used the morning to setup a small photo gallery, which will be filled up the next days... i will try to keep keep it up-to-date

photo gallery

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happy birthday…written by Boris

... to patrick ( bloody damn old now.. and this picture's from yesterday ;) )


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6:28 amwritten by stefan

I'm still in Good Old Germany, visiting a customer the next two days and following to Suomen tasavalta on Wednesday. I'm really jealous of Ze Ozer Germans...

Boris reminded me to fill my ipod to the brim. I'll bring some Richard Cheese, Godspeed, Einstuerzende Neubauten, NIN and - of course - Diesmal Nicht!

Now it's time to order a taxicab to the train station. Finland, I'm on my way (after a short detour to Muenster).


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welcome to finlandwritten by Larson

just back from the welcome-party. the owner from inferno-club opend it just for us. great club, great guy and a great night with great people from all over europe (and some more...)

more to come tomorrow - sleep well - pommesgabel


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Backpacking, packing bags or the art of carrying around stuff in Finnlandwritten by patrick

Means of transporting various commodities around the world have always played a major role in human history. In this short essay I want to take a closer look on the guidelines for the curious and prepared-for-all traveller in Finnland.

It usually starts with the choice of the container. If you want to be regarded as a person, that always has the aura of a experienced and knows-his-way traveller, stay away from any case, that is dragged around with tiny wheels or consists of hard plastic scales. Alway use a backpack as big as possible. This has the advantages that you look pretty impressive, well muscled and not like the kind of person that is lured quickly around a corner to be persuaded nicely to hand over your earthly possesions. Furthermore, watertightness is to be prefered.Puddles on the sides of the streets of Helsinki reach sometimes the size and depth of the close baltic see and can be rafted with the properly equipped backpack. Ice breaking qualities are a bonus.

Now the packing itself. Packing you backpack can be regarded as another chapter in the sciences of higher mathematics. Profound knowledge of three dimensional geometrie, bubble sort technics and relativistic effects of the usual black hole at the bottom of the bag (there is ALWAYS something missing which you are sure you have packed...) are essential. Travelling to Finnland makes it neccessary to carry lots alcohol with you. If its just to impress the locals (glass beads are not common any more), fuel your own adventurus spirit or just sell the stuff to become incredibly rich is up to you. Mathematics are in this case also very usefull. Always keep in mind to get the overall percentage of Alcohol compared to your backpack weight as high as possible. If you achieve a rate of more than 65%, your backpack can be traded at the local precious metal stock market. More mundane contents like clothing do also have other requirements. Since temperatures can vary wildly from arctic (streets, woods etc.) to subtropical (inside buildings) to tropical (sauna) a large variety of socks is to be recommended. The golfing system can provide usefull guidelines. Use driver-socks for driving, the wood-sock collection is for the county hiker and the wide range of iron socks is to be used in the impressive metal scene in this beautiful northern country.

The next episode will deal with the voyage itself.

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from nice dining to stagedivingwritten by Larson

jepp, jepp - we've been to timo rautiainen tonight - some finish patethic-patriotic-hardrock. we actualy had great fun. before the concert we've been to

bamboo-center and ate some curry. they have 3 official and 3 unofficial degrees of hotness. I took nr. 3 (from the official) and have to admit: it's enough, I won't try one of the unofficial ;-)

the venue the concert has been located was also a stylish restaurant and a bar. intersting to see that yuppies and rocker are able to have fun at the same place...

the must fun for the germans was to order weird finish drinks in baaaaad finish. after the first two guys the waitress already took the right bottles when somone started stuttering some unidentifiable finish words...

tomorrow we will get help from boris and lutz - have a good flight guys and I recomend the orangejuice from lufthansa.

good night - larson

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all my bags are packed…written by Boris

... i'm ready to go. i'm standing here... uhm. forget it... wrong song *g*

not only, that my bags are packed, my mp3player also is filled up to its limits... thats my assortment of music for our trip to finnland: alec empire, alestorm, amporphis, billy idol, flook, glenngharry boyhs, london after midnight, metallica, millish, new model army, pornophonique, richard cheese, samsas traum, skyclad, tiamat and tool...

i can't find my scarf(s) and my right glove... but if it's needed, i'll do the same, as some years ago in norway... i'll buy new ones ( well, those i search are those i bought in norway *g* )

i'm kinda jealous of ze germanz who already are in helsinki... guys.. have a nice evening, see ya tomorrow!

lutz will pick me up at half past four, what should be early enough to reach our plane... sleep? forget it... let's see, what the evening will bring...



it’s getting crowdywritten by Larson

pervilä took us to a military-shop today - it was far out in the woods (he called it suburb) . it was quite funny all these fins in german military-stuff and former NVA stuff I've never seen before...

back in helsinki we found a real nice bar - ok pervilä showed it to us - and we visited a cool record store where I could buy some older stam1na albums (wich you can't get in germany).

soon after that peter, artur and tim from germany, ori from israel and brat and sam from usa arrived... we're starting a party.

let's see what the night will bring...


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icebreaker, a prison with a crappy service and a teenage-mutand-girl-bandwritten by Larson

heja, we're here now for two days. günther patrick and I arrived on thursday. thanks to olga and maria it was quite easy to let them find the way to our host - anna.

until now we had a real tight schedul - getting tourist- and concert tickets, getting in touch with the locals at the lady moon, having dinner in a garlic restaurant, drinking coffeeeee at restaurant situated in a former prison (while it seemed the service hasn't changed ;-) , making taxi-experiments ("no I can't tell you the streets name - I could spell it..."), discussing finish-sauna-style with maria ("we don't drink hard alkohol in sauna") and pervilä ("men do!") , looking for the latest finish military equipment - just to name some...

the highlights until now:

playing a teenaged-mutand-girlband in a tabletop roleplaying game - great fun and of course visiting an icebreaker with our old friend hanna...

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