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mittelpunkt 2010written by Larson

mittel.punkt 2010

...will be held in Jugendgästehaus Wannsee in Berlin more infos on the mittelpunkt-homepage.

I'm not part of the organising-team but as I know some of the foreign guys I thought it would be nice to spread some infos about Berlin, the weekIn and such...


It's damn cold in germany - yepp, it's winter. But it's winter like winter used to be here in Germany some 30 years ago. It's all snow and low temperatures - don't forget your scarf, gloves and boots.

public transport in Berlin

  • you can buy single tickets from 2,10 - 2,80 (depending on how far it is)
  • a 4-rides ticket is 8,00
  • a day-ticket (attention it's NOT a 24h-ticket) is from 6,10 to 6,50
  • there's also the berlin-welcome-card: free rides and 50% off in 150 places like museums for 16,90 (48h), 22,90 (72h) and 29,90 (for 5 days)

as far as I know, all tickets are available at the usual ticket-machines.

the berlin-welcome-card is available at all machines but without the bonus-cheques and street-map. the whole pack is available at all tourist-informations and all train-stations.

the day-ticket starts when you use it for the first time in a public-transport and last then until 3 a.m. of the next day - so usualy far less then 24hrs.

google knows it all

here's a google-map with locations to know it will be updated during the days... keep track.

that's for now - larson

P.S.: I'm already in Berlin when you arrive, just contact me... ;-)


What’s coming up?written by Boris

Currently two international events, where german Larpers will participate are on the schedule for the beginning of the next year.

MittelPunkt, which is the german Version of Knut/d(e)punkt/Solmukohta will take place in Berlin from 15.01 to 17.01 next year. This time, there will be a new organisation team, which will take care on the events. There are rumors, that some partisans might run a WeekIn, but who knows ;) . Multilangual information on this congress can be found here.

Knutpunkt, the nordic original will be held in Sweden next Year. After some struggling, the date and the location are finally set to the 22th to 25th of April 2010. It will be held in Fiskeboda, which is somewhere in the swedish woods :) I am sure, you might meet some Germans there. Take a look at the website for further info.

We are looking forward to both events as always... Lot's of socializing, discussing, debating und possibly even drinking and partying... if norwegians take part, there might also be some touching involved ;)

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After the ELCwritten by Boris

Soooo... the German delegation is back from the ELC in Denmark and is looking forward to next year!

What was it all about? The ELC was a rather small convention ( 43 registred participants ) for European countries. It's purpose is to not tell, what cool meta-things happen all over europe, but to inform on whats larps are going on a basic level. This first time, we had participants from nine countries ( Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finnland, Germany, Belarus, Croatia, Netherlands and UK ) and it was a cosy atmosphere. Therefore there was no dividing in dozens of rooms for the lectures, but just one lecture at a time, in which everybody took part. It was really nice, because you really were kind of forced to talk to almost all of the people, because it were so few.

After all the country presentations we had the opportunity to present larps, we have done recently or will do in the future ( five of those were from germany ;) ).
Additionaly there was a kickoff meeting for the ELIN, the future international meta-group for educative larp.

Of course, there was lots of socializing and partying with nice people.

The ELC is definitely an event to go to in addition to the larger conferences...


Daenischer Tag des Schulsportswritten by marc

Heute wird überall in Dänemark des Sports gedacht und sich körperlich ertüchtigt. Fein denkt man sich hier in Osterskov, da machen wir mit. Also rein in die Uniform und fix mal Geschichte geschrieben. Was soll ich schreiben, die Südstadtler waren halt einfach besser organisiert und so haben sie die Schlacht um Gettysburg gewonnen. Da machte auch die Rollstuhlkanone der Nordstaatler nichts mehr und wurde schließlich überrannt. Der Krieg geht weiter und jetzt wird dem Staub und der Unordnung zu Leibe gerückt, bevor es in die Ferien geht. Schließlich sind schon die ersten Gäste für´s Wochenende angekommen...Tim stetz dich gefälligst in Boris Auto ;-)
der marc


Oesterskov Efterskolewritten by Larson

*whitenoise* ...hi this is Larson speakin' - your coffeebitch. I'm already here at "Østerskov Efterskole". With me there is Marc the epic teacher and we're already preparing for the reenforcements on thursday and friday... we havn't been to "lazy" we just been "busy"  but there is no such word as "busy" in Boris realityconstruction....

Let's talk about business:

We started the week (and our Østerskov Efterskole experience) on monday morning with our first class: "warfare" - in usual (larper) terms you probably call it "boffer-weapon-fighting" and for the curriculum it's "sport" - just to get you ready for how it works at this school...

Parallel to this there has been a drama workshop based on a Barbara Cartland writing. Including some happy crossdressing due to the lack of enough girls for the female characters. Fun part was about the secrets all the charakters had:  As soon as one talked about their secret to someone else, the second person had to repeat this 'secret' by shouting it into the room.

As this weeks topic is "birth of a nation - united states of america" we had some "Hobro Tea Party" on tuesday afternoon. Ironicly the most tea loving students had the best reasons to start it...

On Wednesday each student was representing a american state and after having a long day of debating about slavery it led into what everyone expected: civil war!

In the evening Marc and me were sitting in the lobby talking to another guest from france and the principal (Mads Lunau) of Østerskov Efterskole when one of theachers (Morten Tellefsen) came to our table. He told us that he will shut down the mainlights now because of the kids want to play vampire live now. How natural...

The parents who came with their son to visit this possible new school for him looked a bit suspicious - wonder why?

Later this evening one of the studends - already dressed and equipped for the larp - was talking to me about german history while gesticulating with his AK47 in front of my face: Østerskov Efterskole

See you guys here in the next days...

Larson and Marc


European LARP Convention 2009 in Denmarkwritten by Boris

I must admit, it has been quite silent the last months ( years? ) in this blog... Other projects have been running and we did not really pay attention to this diary.

This evening it is time for me to leave germany on my way to the European Larp Convention being held at the "Østerskov Efterskole" located at Hobro, Denmark. This event is not just another Knutepunkt, but something like the little brother ( or sister ;) ). It is being organized by Claus Raasted and Malik Hyltoft, which both work for the boarding school. The Event should have the single purpose of presenting how LARP is done in the european countries. Nothing more, nothing less. Similar to Knutepunkt it is of course ( and nobody of us would want to miss that ) an event of intensive socializing and meeting a lot of new people and old friends.

Larson and Marc are over there since Saturday. They took a week off from their regular jobs to take a peek at the way how the boarding school arranges the content and the setting of their lessons and which methods they use to teach. Being educator and teacher, it will for sure broaden their mind regarding school systems and activities... To bad, they are too lazy, to write something here in this blog ;)

So far... We will keep you up to date, hopefully...


all my bags are packed…written by Boris

... i'm ready to go. i'm standing here... uhm. forget it... wrong song *g*

not only, that my bags are packed, my mp3player also is filled up to its limits... thats my assortment of music for our trip to finnland: alec empire, alestorm, amporphis, billy idol, flook, glenngharry boyhs, london after midnight, metallica, millish, new model army, pornophonique, richard cheese, samsas traum, skyclad, tiamat and tool...

i can't find my scarf(s) and my right glove... but if it's needed, i'll do the same, as some years ago in norway... i'll buy new ones ( well, those i search are those i bought in norway *g* )

i'm kinda jealous of ze germanz who already are in helsinki... guys.. have a nice evening, see ya tomorrow!

lutz will pick me up at half past four, what should be early enough to reach our plane... sleep? forget it... let's see, what the evening will bring...