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Nordic larp Talkwritten by Larson

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The future King of Danmarc…written by Larson

As Claus Raasted Herløvsen was announced as the future king of Danmarc on the 'danish x-mass party' we where looking forward on a very special roundtrip trough Copenhagen on the next day - who else can tell they ever had a roundtrip guided by a king?

We arrived at the communitiy house just in time to have breakfast before we had to leave on the roundtrip at 12:06 sharp. Why 12:06? Because Claus hi-jacked a bus from public transport... kinda hi-jacked... and at the bus station we had a limited timeframe until a regular bus would arrive.

As the bus arrived we found Flemming - actualy a danish larper and busdriver - as our driver. We made some driveby shopping at the next available Aldi to get some beer supplies and got started...

First stop has been an roleplaying shop called 'Fanatic' and had a look on the latest danish larp and roleplaying stuff. Afterwards we wanted to visit Roskilde catheatral whitch was closed - as always on Mondays...

We proceeded to the producing site of Palantoke and got a cool inside view on how they do their stuff before we had as stop at McDonalds just the flood it with a busload of international larpers.

Now we came to the very climax of the whole tour. We visited - according to the King - the most danish pace he could think of for this tour: The house of Claus Raasted Herløvsens parents... yay! We had a close view on how Claus grew up, saw family pictures and his old room... Karsten almost stole a towel from tha bathroom. And I took pictures whitch was - of course - strictly prohibited. Find all this on

Our last stop has been at the designing and distributing site from 'Epic Amoury' seeing their really impressing warehouse and some nice things in their show room.

We finnished then the tour at 'Rollespil Fabrikken' where we had some food and another party... of course.

Larson (this time: with a little help from Heidi)


It*s x-mass time…written by Larson

It's Knudepunkt time of the year and this means everything is possible and some of this actually happens.

I arrived at here yesterday as the first of ze germanz at Copenhagen airport, already made arrangements with the some of the Danes & Finns. Even better: I found Pervilä claiming his luggage on the luggage band next to mine. What better start in a Knudepunkt?

In the evening we met all the other beautiful people from around the world, including Danes, Swedes, Finns, Norwegians, Russians, Slowakians, French US Americans, Latvians, Israeliens, more Germans and we have Nathan...

As usual on the book release party, that was held on the frist evening, everyone showed up but the book. So we did what we always do in such a case: We got drunk... internationally drunk.

On the next morning Heidi, Massie, David, Mads and me visited Copenhagen city including 'den lille havfrue', the Royal Palace, got some Ben & Jerrys ice, found out about the Mexican embassy and almost froze to death in the Danis ice winter. No polar bears, though.

After that we joined the others at the community house, where I made some pinhole cameras with Anna. Finaly we had an awesome x-mass dinner made bz the fantastic chef Anna and her crüe...

What to do now? Get drunk together, of course.

tbc Larson (with a little help from my David)

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Talking about kids…written by Boris

.. currently at the ELIN conference being held in Katrinholmen right now.

This is mini conference about larping with kids or larping in general for educational purposes. These two days before Knutpunkt will be used to talk about what is currently ongoing and to present what has been done or will be done. Most of the participants are from the nordic country, but we are also quite al lot Germans :)

The ELIN itself is a international ( as in world-wide ) organisation, that use larp for a variety of educational purposes...

We, the second german group just arrived here at 9am, after 18 hours of straight driving from germany and we are kind of tired ;)

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Germans approachingwritten by admin

One load of Germans on the way to Knutpunkt has already arrived in Denmark making a break, another one will soon depart with the Waldritter bus... Knutpunkt.. here we come...

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Knutpunkt 2010written by Boris

As the MittelPunkt in Germany is over now, the next upcoming event will be Knutpunkt, held in Sweden.

This is just a reminder for visiting their website, fetching information and SIGN UP! :)

My personal contribution to this event will currently be the documentation, which you will be able to see here and on twitter ( perhaps )

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Bunker Tourwritten by Larson

we skip the bunker tour due to no response from further participants and have some more spleep ;-)

larson, pervilä, klaus...

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about dicks and ballswritten by Larson

did you know that if looking on the old euro-coins the nordic countrys look like a dick and finnland is the balls?

proof: have look here


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Plans for Thursday…written by Larson

Here we go...

we - Pervilä, Klaus and me - have some plans for tomorrow. if you want, you can join us at every point of the tour.

Der Bunker Tour

at 1200hrs (better be there by 1145hrs) at trainstation "Gesundbrunnen" we gonna take the "U-Bahn, Bunker, Kalter Krieg" "Bunker Tour" form "Berliner Unterwelten"

the tour is in german but Pervilä as the only non-german speaker here decided that the topic of the english tour is boring...

fabian will join us, so we have at least three germans that can translate a bit every now an then.

costs: 9 Euros

time: 12oohrs (be there at 1145hrs)

where: "Gesundbrunnen"

finnish sauna on "Badeschiff"

at least they announce it as "finnish sauna" - let's check this out...

costs: 12 Euros for 3 hrs

time: 1530hrs

where: "Badeschiff"

welcome party - foooood...

let's come together at "Cafe 100 Wasser" - I gonna book a table. following people are already told me they will come larson , pervilä , britta , steve, mads, david , regitze , malik , a baby, thomas, mareike, laura, fabio, klaus and fabian...

feel free to join us. give me a call at +49(177)4885081

costs: depends on you

time: 1900hrs

where: "Cafe 100 Wasser"

get drunk!?

after "Cafe 100 Wasser" we gonna find some bar in the area - it's stuffed with bars, clubs and stuff..

options: "Bar Lebowski" or "Halfords"

at this point their might join: pernille, helle, iris, troels and claus...

what about you?

costs: depends on you but booze is cheap there...

time: after food

where: call me


P.S.: google-map updated...

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“Molle and Korn” or a trip to the wild east…written by Larson

today Pervilä, Nicola and me been on our mission to start the weekIn here in Berlin. we wanted to go to an restaurant called "Cafe Miro" by an recomendation of Perviläs helsinki based bookkeeper.

we gladly found the restaurant after a wild trip into the former eastern part of berlin and... it was closed. it opened at 15:00 instead of - as announced on their homepage at 10:00. what to do?

we found a really nice coofee-bar, made some sightseeing at the "Berlin Planetarium" (which was actually closed but hey nobody told us before we already been in there...) we found an original eastern-berlin beer bar and took some "Molle and Korn"..

hours later back to "Cafe Miro" an anatolien restaurant with some tukish, persian and greek inspriations to their food. it was awesome. great food, not expensive, nice service but we ordered a little to much... ;-)

combined with some cocktails (jep they do cocktails as well) we're totally satisfied now...

thanx "Cafe Miro"

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